_mg_5069Carithers Real Estate has been in existence for over 40 years. Serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients, Carithers is a leading independent company in development and sales.

Our company has been an active force for industrial recruiting in Anderson S.C. In fact, Carithers has played an instrumental role in securing sewer grants for Anderson County. For several years, we have been a site locator and developer for many regional, governmental, and national tenants in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

These successful projects are the result of efforts of agents who work with integrity and pride. Almost every project requires cooperation between the developer and municipal, county, and state government agencies. To ensure top quality service to our clients, consultants are often employed to assist whenever necessary.

Site development has many facets and requires many skills and areas of expertise. Demographics, Engineering, Phase I and Phase II, Environmental Assessments, Remediation (if necessary), Traffic Counts, competition maps and an overall “feel” for the site are just a few areas that must be considered in the Commercial/Industrial area of Real Estate. Carithers has a proven record of success that is backed with knowledge, experience, and repeat business clients. For commercial/ industrial projects, Carithers Real Estate will prove to be the company that can provide you with answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

C. Marshall Carithers


C. Marshall Carithers was born and raised in Anderson, S.C. where he attended Anderson Boys High School. A natural athlete, he lettered in football, basketball, and track holding records in both low and high hurdles for a number of years beyond graduation. He attended the University of Georgia and Clemson University as well. After a stint in the Air Force, he was hired by Abney Mills as home base to be the Assistant Purchasing Director for 25 textile plants.

After a number of years in the textile industry, Marshall decided to start a business of his own. Being both a people person and a self starter, he chose real estate, so he founded Carithers Real Estate Company in 1971. What started as primarily a Residential Company has expanded into Commercial and Industrial Development as well as Residential Development. In fact, Carithers Real Estate has been instrumental in promoting and supporting the economic growth and development of both the City of Anderson and Anderson County as a whole through recruiting commercial and industrial prospects.

Some tenants that Marshall and Carithers Real Estate has developed are for CVS, Rite Aid, and Eckerd’s drug stores, Lowes, Burger King, KFC, Summit Home Health Care, various physician’s offices, U.S. and State Government buildings, Retail and Destination Shopping Centers, Residential Subdivisions, as well as Commercial and Industrial Developments.

Through the years, Marshall has established a reputation in the community for honesty, hard work, integrity, and a spirit of generosity. As someone who came from humble beginnings, Marshall strongly believes in giving back to the community. He has been a member of various organizations including the Anderson Sertoma Club, Foothills United Way, the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce, and the AnMed Foundation Development Board. Carithers Real Estate has been a corporate sponsor for Meals on Wheels, the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, the Anderson Recreation Center’s Youth Baseball Team Program, and the Shalom House center for battered women and substance abusers. He has also been very active in fundraising for AnMed’s Pediatric Therapy Works.

Michael B. Carithers


Michael Carithers, of Carithers Real Estate, casually states, “your needs are our goals.” This phrase has not only helped Mr. Carithers focus on his goals and has allowed him to excel in the real estate industry, but has also motivated him to become the man he is today. Michael is the proud owner of Carithers Real Estate, located in Anderson, South Carolina. It is here where he and eight other employees work together towards their common goal, customer satisfaction. Michael has been able to establish Carithers Real Estate as a reliable and trustworthy business not only because of his strong ideals, but also because of the pure dedication to his career.

Ever since he was little, Michael has given 110%. With his dad in the real estate business, he got a quick head start. Starting out young, Michael began at age twelve mowing lawns, which gradually turned into building houses for his dad during his high school summers. Eventually, Michael attended Anderson College, the College of Charleston and went on to become an appraiser’s apprentice. All of this, of course, did not happen overnight. It was Michael’s attitude and love of the field of real estate that allowed him to pursue his career.

Starting out in residential real estate, Michael soon realized his calling was in the commercial field. So, after just one year, Michael switched to commercial real estate and has been doing it ever since. Today, Carithers Real Estate handles everything from site locating, building to suit, strip malls, apartment complexes, residential development, residential building, to acquiring government and national tenants. All of this is part of Michael’s repertoire, and all of it is fun: “I love what I do, my fee for service is just the bonus,” Michael says, for he truly loves putting an opportunity together. He is a people person, and wakes up every morning genuinely excited to work.

Michael’s business has been so successful because of the high level of customer satisfaction that his company provides. Carithers Real Estate treats it clients like it would its own family, Michael notes, because “I’m not going to sell them something I wouldn’t invest in myself, just for fee for service.” That’s not the point of his business.

Michael has built this company based upon integrity and honestly. He believes that with integrity + honesty= longevity. Striving to keep his clients informed at all times, he treats his company’s projects as if he were spending his own money, as if he were doing it for himself. This attitude has gotten Michael and his company to where they are today, successful and growing, with a solid reputation.

Carithers Real Estate has acquired many national clients over the years including CVS, Eckerd’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonalds. One of his most prestigious accomplishments is the National Guard defense base in Anderson, South Carolina. With only two of these bases in the United States – the other being located in Texas – it is amazing Michael and his father convinced the government to locate here, when they were looking elsewhere around the country.

Michael’s success in his career and in his life is due to his sincere passion for real estate, as well as his self-motivating personality. His honesty and integrity have created an outstanding business with a strong reputation, which is continually expanding his “family” every day.